Study Skills

ST9 – A Year in the Life of a University Student Support & Guidance Tutor

W13 – Inside Peer Assisted Learning – How do students arrive at uni?

P19 – Earopeners and Eyecatchers: Listening skills and note-taking strategies in today’s first- year college students

ST21 – Meaningful student counselling enhances study experience in Chemistry

P22 – Guidance Path for First Year Students Engineering Science towards Midterm Tests

P25 – Use of the VARK learning style inventory with first year students for improving teaching and learning: One case study in the UAE

W26 – Making students strong and flexible from the beginning: The case of biomedical sciences.

W32 – “richtig einsteigen.” – Engaging faculty and central units in creating an integrated first year programme

ST34 – Lessons from Engaging First Year Initial Teacher Trainee (ITT) students in co-creating curricular that embed equality and diversity.

ST37 – Promoting students’ academic study skills – a flexible online course model

ST38 – Improve Study Success, Prevent Study Delay

P47 – The LightBox project – an interdisciplinary collaboration for production and transference of knowledge and skills in architecture and photography

W58 – Meet Our Mentors: Student-Designed and Delivered Transition Mentoring and Community Building through Social, Academic and Integrated Service Provision

ST64 – The University of Bergen Library’s role in helping students succeed

ST69 – Assisting first-year students Design Their Destiny. Experiences from Mathematics Teaching Programs for First-Year Students

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