ST64 – The University of Bergen Library’s role in helping students succeed

Room C – Tuesday 09:00-10:00

Simon Mitternacht

University of Bergen Library

Ane Landøy is cand.philol from the University of Bergen (1990), and has worked since 2002 at the University Library as Head of department. Part of her interest is on Information Literacy among students, both Norwegians, and Romanian and Moldovan, where the University Library participates in development projects in academic libraries.


University of Bergen Library has developed a web resource for academically correct writing. In this presentation, the interaction between the library teaching and the web resource will be shown.


In order for students to succeed from the first semester, all parts of the university need to work together. In this presentation we will focus on the university library’s role: How do we help students to make the transition through the year? How do we prepare students for subsequent studies? At the University of Bergen, the library focuses on ethical and correct use of information sources, especially for the new students, in order to combat plagiarism and for them to immediately become aware of the requirements in academia. The library has developed the resource “Search and write” freely available on the net ( where students find information about how to write academically. The interaction between the library teaching and the web resource will be shown. The face-to-face teaching and training of students together in groups are important, and especially valuable for the new students, but the web resource with many additional features and gadgets are also necessary for a good student experience. The resource is openly available 24/7, and may be accessed as many times as the students like, whenever they feel a need.

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