ST54 – Getting students on the team

Room C – Tuesday 09:00-10:00

Kjell Roymond Olsen (Student representative)
Harald Åge Sæthre (Project Manager)

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

University of Bergen

Kjell Roymond Olsen is a student representative cooperating with the faculty to improve the students chances of success throughout their time at MN-faculty. He is EFYE2015 student contact, and is active in several different committees and boards.

Harald Åge Sæthre works with different projects throughout the curriculum. His main goal is to recruit more and better students, see more students succeed with good results and to get highest possible retention. Sæthre has worked as a school teacher, but mainly as an academic adviser and leader of the Section of Student and Academic Affairs.


This project aimed to get more students to undertake voluntary duties and tasks by making a change in how we recruited and educated student representatives. The aim has been to achieve a competition between students to get various positions at the faculty, department and in the student democracy.


Many institutions struggle to get students to undertake voluntary duties and tasks. The missing participation implies that an important group of resource persons cannot influence and have little opportunity to give their contribution. Contributions that can increase the quality of services institution offer their students. This project aimed to create a good circle by finding ways to recruit and educate student representatives. The aim has been to achieve a competition between students to get various positions at the faculty, department and in the student democracy.

– Just after two years we have got a situation where students compete about positions
– By implementing an annual cycle among student organizations we have strengthened the continuity
– Students are much more active, and never hesitate to neither come to our offices nor send us emails to get information, guidance and clarifications. And most important; tell us their view .
– Student representatives behave overall more like they are a part of the team.

What is done?

– In a week where freshers are encouraged to work with study and career planning, Staff members tell how important experience in voluntary duties and tasks are for future possibilities in the labor market. Then students that have different positions tell what they do and personal experiences they have with their voluntary work.
– All students in different honorary positions take part I a 2 days’ workshop outside the campus with accommodation. Here they learn more about the organization and get to know each other. Then they discuss what issues they will give priority, how they will follow up and how they will work together. With a little support from staff members, students organize and lead the workshop themselves. And they also arrange food and social activities in the evening themselves. In addition to this workshop the same group of students attend and organize their own meetings where they follow up these cases each semester.

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