Pre entry

P2 – Exploring the Social Relations of International Students

W16 – We got the students we wanted – now what do we do?

ST20 – Focussing on Students: Reflections on Student-Inspired Pre-Arrival and Induction Experiences in Computer Science

P35 – Does ‘matching’ help our students to make the right choice? The effects of a major policy change in Dutch higher education

ST38 – Improve Study Success, Prevent Study Delay

ST43 – A multi-stakeholders’ approach to the transition from secondary to higher education: the case of teacher educations in Antwerp

W58 – Meet Our Mentors: Student-Designed and Delivered Transition Mentoring and Community Building through Social, Academic and Integrated Service Provision

ST66 – Developing Belonging: The value of Academic Mentors within the first year student experience

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