Po39 – A Successful FYE model “Yonsei RC 101”: How to help first year students adjust and grow


Wonkyung Lee
Jeong Ah Cho

University College, Yonsei University

1. Wonkyung Lee, assistant professor of University College, Yonsei University
2. Jeong Ah Cho, academic advisor of University College, Yonsei University


‘First Year Seminars and Experinces’ is regarded as one of the high impact practices in under-
graduate education. We will introduce the evolution of first year advising seminar in our institution. Specifically, the development of ‘Yonsei RC 101’ regarding the curriculum and operation system, the effectiveness assessment and future implication will be discussed.


Yonsei University, a four year private universiy with over 4,000 first year students, is a leading institution for FYE in Korea. Our institution is the first establishing an independent academic unit for firstyears, University College, It is in charge of undergraduate general education and academic advising system. The professional academic advising for freshmen was first operated in our institution with 15 professional academic advisors in 1999 and since then it has been developed tailored to our educational system. Moreover, in 2013, Yonsei made an innovative challenge for FYE, all freshman in residential college for one year, and consequently we need more effective strategy for educating the first year students.

It has been well known that ‘First Year Seminars and Experinces’ is one of the high impact practices –when done well, it has substantial benefits for undergraduate education. Since 2000, we have tried to deliever diverse student induction programs to help incoming students make the transition smoothly throughout the year. We will briefly share our experiences of developing

‘Yonsei RC 101’, the freshman advising seminar which first began as pre-enrollment program for early admitted students and gradually has been developed to as compulsory course for all first years.

The evolutionary phase of Freshman Advising Seminar in our institution and the development of ‘Yonsei RC 101’ regarding the curriculum and teaching methods will be discussed. To make the effective assement of Yonsei RC 101, we designed triple assessment methods. The results of each assessment section and future implication for better First Year Education will also be discussed.

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