Parallel session 7

Wednesday 09:00-10:00

Auditorium – Paper Session

P47 – The LightBox project – an interdisciplinary collaboration for production and transference of knowledge and skills in architecture and photography
P27 – Facilitating whole-of-institution engagement in the first year experience   through distributed leadership approaches

Keywords: Transition from highschool/college to HERetentionCurriculumInstitutional developmentLearning communitiesStudent diversityInternational studentsStudents as partnersActive learningStudy SkillsTransition to second year

Chair: Erkki Härkönen

Seminar room A – 1h Paper Session

P56 – Growth in academic self-concept in first year students in STEM programs: interplay with achievement and gender.

Keywords: Student perspectiveTransition from highschool/college to HEResearch on FYERetention

Chair: Marielle Diederen

Seminar room C – Paper session

P6 – Shift from teacher-centered to student-centered learning. Bottom-up and top-down changes in an institution.
P25 – Use of the VARK learning style inventory with first year students for improving teaching and learning: One case study in the UAE

Keywords: Active learningStudent perspectiveInstitutional developmentStudy Skills

Chair: Pieterjan Bonne

Seminar room E – Workshop

W26 – Making students strong and flexible from the beginning: The case of biomedical sciences.

Keywords: CurriculumStudent perspectiveStudy SkillsActive learningStudent diversityInstitutional development

Dance room – Workshop

W67 – Developing Learning Communities – bringing ‘the University’ to the residence

Keywords: Belonging (socially, academic)Health and well-beingLearning communitiesResidential studentsInduction (Orientation)Students as partnersStudent diversity

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