Parallel session 4

Tuesday 13:00-14:00

Auditorium – Paper Session

P68 – Active, Creative and Critical Thinking: Engaging Year 1 Students Groups with Final Year Mentors Offers Enhanced Employability for ALL
P49 – Peer Mentoring as a way to support students thrive

Keywords: Peer mentoringActive learningBelonging (socially, academic)CurriculumResearch on FYERetentionStudents as partners

Chair: Rutger F. Kappe

Seminar room A – 1h Paper Session

P52 – Critical Associations and Continuity Anchors: The role of social relationships in how students make sense of the first year of University.

Keywords: Student perspectiveTransition from highschool/college to HEBelonging (socially, academic)Research on FYERetention

Chair: Minna Koutaniemi

Seminar room C – Show & tell

ST65 – The Alternative Crit: peer feedback in art and design
ST33 – An holistic approach to supporting students in their academic departments
ST1 – Peer mentoring and the first year experience.
ST20 – Focussing on Students: Reflections on Student-Inspired Pre-Arrival and Induction Experiences in Computer Science
ST24 – Making students strong and flexible from the beginning: The case of biomedical sciences.

Keywords: RetentionStudents as partnersActive learningLearning communitiesPre entryCurriculumPeer mentoringInduction (Orientation)Transition from highschool/college to HEBelonging (socially, academic)Institutional development

Chair: Kristine Engan

Seminar room E – 1h  Workshop

W58 – Meet Our Mentors: Student-Designed and Delivered Transition Mentoring and Community Building through Social, Academic and Integrated Service Provision

Keywords: Peer mentoringStudent perspectiveSocial MediaStudy SkillsTechnologyStudents as partnersTransition from highschool/college to HEBelonging (socially, academic)RetentionInduction (Orientation)Pre entry

Dance room – 1h Workshop

W53 – Developing a social media project to support pre-arrival and first year transition

Keywords: Transition from highschool/college to HESocial Media

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