Parallel session 3

Tuesday 09:00-10:00

Auditorium – Paper Session

P61 – Peer – mentoring programme at the University of Latvia – who are the beneficiaries?
P22 – Guidance Path for First Year Students Engineering Science towards Midterm Tests

Keywords: CounsellingStudent perspectiveStudents as partnersPeer mentoringStudy Skills

Chair: Claire Mann

Seminar room A – 1h Paper Session

P62 – Measures to reduce dropout – the more the better?

Keywords: Peer mentoringStudent diversityInstitutional development

Chair: Eli Neshavn Høie

Seminar room C – Show & tell

ST9 – A Year in the Life of a University Student Support & Guidance Tutor
ST51 – Peer tutoring and the tutor training at the University of Eastern Finland: Peer support as a systematical part of advising services for new students.
ST54 – Getting students on the team
ST64 – The University of Bergen Library’s role in helping students succeed

Keywords: RetentionStudy SkillsStudents as partnersInstitutional developmentInduction (Orientation)Student diversityCounsellingHealth and well-beingBelonging (socially, academic)Research on FYEPeer mentoringActive learningLibraryTransition from highschool/college to HE

Chair: Luke Millard

Seminar room E – 1h Workshop

W12 – Are Digital Natives fully equipped for initiation into the University Tribe?

Keywords: Transition from highschool/college to HE, Active learningTechnology

Dance room – Workshop

W17 – Peer Mentoring for target groups – What would be a valuable extension to our mentoring programme for First Generation Students?
W40 – “Just because it works for you, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for me…”: Exploring the holistic support required for First Year students with disabilities in Higher Education

Keywords: Transition from highschool/college to HEStudent diversityBelonging (socially, academic)Peer mentoringInduction (Orientation)CounsellingHealth and well-being

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