Induction (Orientation)

P3 – The role of time perspective in study success

P4 – Entering higher education: experiences with the ‘study choice check’ and start of a route to study success.

ST10 – What do our (future) students need? – From the first steps to everyday student life

W17 – Peer Mentoring for target groups – What would be a valuable extension to our mentoring programme for First Generation Students?

P18 – Strategies for increasing engagement, social inclusion and success of minority students in the first year in higher education.

ST20 – Focussing on Students: Reflections on Student-Inspired Pre-Arrival and Induction Experiences in Computer Science

P28 – Changing student expectation through “habit forming”: Describing the AIT Business School’s evolving student transition model for students entering third level education.

P35 – Does ‘matching’ help our students to make the right choice? The effects of a major policy change in Dutch higher education

ST38 – Improve Study Success, Prevent Study Delay

P42 – Reflection of First Year Students’ first semester experiences: a survey in the Faculty of Management at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa

ST43 – A multi-stakeholders’ approach to the transition from secondary to higher education: the case of teacher educations in Antwerp

P50 – A Students’ Eye Perspective: Reflecting on the student experience to improve the transition to Higher Education

ST51 – Peer tutoring and the tutor training at the University of Eastern Finland: Peer support as a systematical part of advising services for new students.

W58 – Meet Our Mentors: Student-Designed and Delivered Transition Mentoring and Community Building through Social, Academic and Integrated Service Provision

ST64 – The University of Bergen Library’s role in helping students succeed

ST66 – Developing Belonging: The value of Academic Mentors within the first year student experience

W67 – Developing Learning Communities – bringing ‘the University’ to the residence

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