P4 – Entering higher education: experiences with the ‘study choice check’ and start of a route to study success.

ST9 – A Year in the Life of a University Student Support & Guidance Tutor

ST10 – What do our (future) students need? – From the first steps to everyday student life

P19 – Earopeners and Eyecatchers: Listening skills and note-taking strategies in today’s first- year college students

ST21 – Meaningful student counselling enhances study experience in Chemistry

P22 – Guidance Path for First Year Students Engineering Science towards Midterm Tests

ST38 – Improve Study Success, Prevent Study Delay

W40 – “Just because it works for you, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for me…”: Exploring the holistic support required for First Year students with disabilities in Higher Education

P61 – Peer – mentoring programme at the University of Latvia – who are the beneficiaries?

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